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My name is Gretchen Sutphin and I am an MSW, Supervisee in Social Work providing psychotherapy services with Agave Wellness Studio, LLC. I have over 20 years of career experience in corporate, marketing, and outreach positions in addition to my experience and training as a psychoanalyst. I am definitely not your typical older, suburban, white woman therapist.  You can learn more about me and my services here.

Therapy Sessions
Initial Consultation

Free Initial  20 min Consultation to discuss what you are seeking out of therapy and a therapist.

Subscription Therapy

Subscriptions based on my therapy style and a structure that fits more modern lifestyles and budgets.

Deep Dive with Check-ins

Combination of longer length sessions with shorter periodic check-ins and coaching to keep you focused and more connected.

Meditation/ Visualization

Guided meditation and visualization sessions seeking to connect the mental to the physical. Add on or stand alone.

Wellness Blog

Coming Soon!

Healing is not linear.
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